"Of Interest To Jesuits"

This section contains resources of spirituality 
which may be of help, interest or use to Jesuits. 

Hope in Troubled Times: A New Vision for Confronting Global Crises  -- A book with a title that indicates what it really does.  "Hope in Troubled Times pulls off the difficult feat of communicating, in a gracious and nonjudgmental way, the dire straits in which our society finds itself today. Others have used the concept of idolatry as a category of social critique; no one has ever used it with such biblically-informed power and specificity. The analysis is sobering; no punches are pulled. But the ultimate context is hope, not despair. It's a remarkable achievement."-- Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology, Yale Divinity School.

              Three Friends, a reflective poem originally from the French  -- by lay missionary Fabienne Theytaz  -- expresses our desire to love God with all our hearts with the pull of loving many other things at the same time. I expresses aspects of the Three Types Of Persons of the Spiritual Exercises [149] - [156]. 

              Daily Review or "Examen"  -- This format is the way John Reilly, sj  has presented the "Examen" for diocesan priests during the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life in Melbourne and around the State of Victoria, Australia.

              The Principle And Foundation  -- A contemporary version of the Principle and Foundation of the Spiritual Exercises by John Reilly, sj

              Readjusting  The  Spiritual  Exercises  Of  Saint  Ignatius: Social Sin  -- by  José Aldunate, SJ. The assumption underlying the Spiritual Exercises is one of an individualized spirituality. In our generation they need to be adapted to a more social/communal way. 

              Notes On Adapting The Exercises Of St. Ignatius by David T. Asselin, sj., (1969)  -- an oldie but a goodie, one of the breakthrough reports on the development of the practice and understanding of the Spiritual Exercises. A good article for those of us who:May still believe that the Weekend Preached Retreat of a day and a half is "Ignatian Spirituality";Desire to understand how the dynamic of the Spiritual Exercises was being rediscovered in the 1960's.

              Awareness Exercise  -- by Gregory Carruthers, sj  A very readable explanation of the spirituality and theology behind this Ignatian reflective exercise for those not overly familiar with an understanding of it.  Greg teaches at St. Augustine's Seminary in Toronto and this presentation was first intended for dioscesan seminarians.

              An Eight-Day Guided Retreat For A Group Of Jesuits, Colleagues And Associates

              Footprints In The Sand -- A meditative adaptation by Gerald Mathieu, sj

              A Jesuit Communal Offertory -- A prayer that captures the kind of response Jesuits make in  the present context of  living out their vocation. It is adapted from a document of the Jesuit Province of Upper Canada. 

              Homily For The Funeral Of Frank McGee, SJ --  by Robert Foliot, SJ  A very good homily, for a very good person who was a very good Jesuit.

              For Those About To Make The Thirty-Days Spiritual Exercises In Solitude  -- by  John Reilly sj  This letter is reformulated for persons about to make the full Spiritual Exercises in solitude  -- that is, for 30 days, in silence, away from one's daily life and work, according to annotation [20]. A couple of years ago he had written one for persons making annotation [19]. On this website it is available by clicking here.

              A Litany Of Saints For Canadians by +Attila Mikloshazy, SJ.  -- In this Roman Catholic Canadian litany there are many names of those revered saints who had and have their influence in Canada through their religious communities and are well known also in this Northern part of the Continent. 

              Some Personal Reflections On The Development Of The Personally Directed Retreat Movement And The Work Of J. J. English, S.J. Through The Guelph Centre Of Spirituality.

              Chrysalis -- by Erik Oland, sj. This short article is a reflection on how spirituality combines the performing arts and the priesthood.

              On Hospitality, an important aspect of the spirituality of the priest who ministers in a parish setting  -- a homily given by Gregory Carruthers, SJ

              To You From Ignatius   -- by John Reilly sj.This letter in the name of Ignatius Loyola to one about to make the journey of the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life according to annotation [19] is a refomulation of a letter written in the early 1980s by John Veltri sj.

              A Litany Of Jesuit Saints  -- by  +Attila Mikloshazy, SJ.

              At The Beginning Of The Day  -- A short prayer to start the day based on the Principle And Foundation.

              The Spiritual Exercises: My Experience and Where We're Headed  -- by Charles L. Moutenot, SJ. A Jesuit reflects on his experiences of the Spiritual Exercises with his fellow Jesuits at the beginning of the millenium.

              A Blend Of Group Process And The Directed Retreat -- An explanation of how practitioners of the individually directed retreat have developed their approach for groups and communities.

              Sin and Reconciliation: The Problem Of Moral Knowledge In The Church -- by Richard Shields, Ph.D. This paper helps to understand what happens when the Pope speaks and no one dissents by showing how the development of generally accepted moral knowledge requires responsible feedback.

              Guiding Standards For The Jesuit Ministry Of The Spiritual Exercises In The USA & English Speaking Canada --  from the Jesuit provincials of the United States and Upper Canada (May 18, 2005).

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