Principle and Foundation

A Contemporary Version

(updated 6 May 2011)

As Christians we believe we come from a loving God who freely creates us to discover the mystery of God's love in our lives.

We believe God creates all things that we may find in them God's presence and energy by learning to share our lives with other people and care for our kinship with all that wonderfully shares and supports our lives.

We find the beauty and mystery of our human lives, therefore, only by choosing, insofar as it is left to our free choice, what helps to share our lives in love, not what hinders this.

For the freedom to love we need to hold ourselves open to all things - wealth or poverty, fame or disgrace, health or sickness, a long life or a short one, and to all else.

We need to let God grace us into a spiritual freedom, gratefully responsive to God's prior love in our lives, to desire and choose what better helps us live the love for which God made us.

 John Reilly sj, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Principle And Foundation

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