A discernment of my Acceptance, my Awareness, or my Availability
 towards growth in freedom of heart in all I do.


(updated 22 January 2008)



This way of making an Examen has three points.

My focus can be the past, but also the present, or the future.

It can be of any length from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.



[Point 1]   THANK 


Thanking God in my life as Mystery, Word and Love.


Signing myself with a Cross, begin my Examen in conversation with God,

thankful for God’s presence and action in my life,

as Mystery beyond, Word around, and Love within me and my relations with others.



[Point 2]   NOTICE


REVIEW the past day                 Accepting gratefully what has happened today.


“INVIEW” the present             Becoming aware of my present mood or feeling.


PREVIEW the next day              Being available and ready for what will be tomorrow.


Notice both my External and Internal Experiences, and God acting in both,

especially (1) What I desire and why? (2) What I desire to desire and why?



[Point 3]   RESPOND


Renew my response to my Personal Vocation from God

to continue my part in the Mission of Christ to the world.


Within the experience of my shared Christian Faith in God,

lived in Love for others, and in Hope for the future of our human lives.



For priests who completed the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life.

 John Reilly sj, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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