Some Personal Reflections 
On The Development Of The
Personally Directed Retreat Movement 
And The 
Work Of J. J. English, S.J.
Through The Guelph Centre Of Spirituality

by J. Veltri, S.J.
in collaboration with
Rev. Jean Mitchell


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            While contemplating on the parable of the Prodigal Son, my heart stayed at the line "He ran to the boy, clasped him and kissed him tenderly" (Lk 15:20). For some strange reason, Fr. John English, whom I had never met in person, became the boy. He was being held tightly and welcomed affectionately by God. Trying to sketch this image is, in the end, a rewarding experience. Looking at Fr. John English's photograph intensely for a few days, I see the soft lines on his face, his gentleness and a very natural unassuming aura of love. What a beautiful creation of God, must have been like the prism of God's light to others for most of his life. Lines cannot lie. 
            In some way it has been a very unique challenge given to me by John Veltri and an honour to be part of this article written with so much respect and love. It is even more so a privilege that God has allowed me to see Fr. English in my prayer. After all, what better gift can anyone give for his 80th birthday (Feb. 7, 2004) than to have a preview of what's coming? Yes, it is indeed an experience that I will savour, despite the initial stress of the unknown. 

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Singing And Dancing With The Musicale Of Creation
By probing the phenomena and meaning of the experience of creaturehood,
this article brings together science and religious experience.
An excellent vehicle for critical reflection, spiritual direction and personal prayer.

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