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Memories -- The Way We Were

We were five people
working behind the scenes
when it all began
in 1969!

     John English 

    Joe Frechette 

 I never could take
a  good photo. 


Like the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures,
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were

Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Or has time re-written every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we? Could we?

Memories, may be beautiful and yet
What's too painful to remember
We simply choose to forget

So it's the laughter
We will remember

Whenever we remember . . .
The way we were . . .
           the way we were . .

--- written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman,
and Marvin Hamlisch
from the 1973 movie, "The Way We Were"


   Valeria Zaduk

 John LeSarge


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