Three they were,

Three friends

Three companions

Three buddies

With their dreams,

Ideas and passions.

Lord God!
How beautiful, life!
How marvellous, the world!

How vast, the horizon!

Everything accessible

Everything easy

Everything possible!

Ever more

Ever better

Ever faster!

So many attractions

So many temptations

So many stimuli!

So many illusions

So many twists

So many clouds!

Honour to the best

Power to the strong

Wealth to the clever!

Having abundantly packed

Their minds and hearts

Their eyes and ears

Their hands and pockets

Their bellies and luggage

With all they could find

On the road,

They were chatting

Arm in arm

While going on their way.


Said God.

Where do you go like this?
What do you chatter about?

What do you carry in your bags?

Ah, Lord God!

Is it really You?


How very much we love You

Was our word!



Asked God.

I love You,

Said the first,

And so much else, too:

I love life with all it offers.

I love the world with all it holds.

I love art and science with all they reveal.

How good  it is to love You

With the whole creation!

I love You,

Said the next,

And so much else, too:

I love what I do.

I love what I am.

I love what I have.

How good  it is to love You

In whatever I love!

I love You,

Said the third,

And so much else, too:

I love my family and friends.

I love my pets and birds.

I love my dreams and heroes.

How good  it is to love you

When I am loved!


Said God.

Those who really love me

Leave here

To follow me.

Drop your bags

Empty your pockets

Come on!

But, said one ?

What about my freedom?

But, said another ?

Where is my identity?

But, said the third ?

How about who I am?

They looked at one another




Kneeling down

They sobbed

And thus they prayed:

O God,


How to love You

Really, truly?

You first,

You only

Without attraction

Without attachment

For what is so loveable

In ourselves and around us?

How jettison,



The very core of

Our lives

Our horizon

Our identity?

Is this

The hour of our death?

So God,




Bent down

And opened his arms

To them.

Leaving all

Forgetting all

They rushed to him

They leapt up with joy

And let themselves be carried

High, very high

Far, very far

Deep, very deep

In the infinity and the plenitude

Of that Love

Who is above all loves,

A Love

Who is All-Love.

Fabienne Theytaz  
for information on Fabienne click here  
Manresa-Pickering, July 12, 2006   

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