Theme 1       God, the Caring One, loves us and cares for us

Theme 2       God Creates us

Theme 3       God gives God's very self to us in a relationship of love

Theme 4       All I have comes from God

Theme 5       God desires to forgive us

Theme 6       Jesus desires to save us personally

Theme 7       God calls us in freedom and radically

Theme 8       God calls us beyond everything

Theme 9       Following of Jesus

Theme 10     I am called to cooperate with Jesus' Spirit in establishing a realm of justice                    

Theme 11     I am called to exercise responsibility as part of the paschal mystery

Theme 12     The body of Christ

Theme 13     The Spirit works continually in us and through the events of our life



Theme 1      God, the Caring One, loves us and cares for us


      Grace     Deep confidence and trust in God's desire to nurture us



         Lk 11:1-13          Rabbi, teach us to pray ... how much more will the heavenly Abba give the Holy Spirit

         Lk 12:22-31        Lilies of the field .seek first the realm of God

         1 Jn 4:7-19         Love consists in this: not that we have loved God but that God has loved us first

         Psalm 121         Our guardian God is at your right hand


      Supplementary Readings


            Ps 23              God our true Shepherd

            Ps 62              Trust in God alone

            Ps 63:1-8        O God, you are my God whom I seek

            Ps 91              You who dwell in the shelter of the most high

            Ps 131            Trust ... like a child at its mother's breast

            Ps 145            Give praise for God's greatness ... you open your hand and satisfy every living thing

            Deut 32:1-14   Song of Moses praising God for taking care of Israel, the apple of God's eye

            Is 25:1-9          On this mountain the Holy One will provide for all peoples; you are a refuge for the poor

            Is 41:8-16        Israel, I grasp your right hand

            Jn 14:16-28      I will not leave you orphans ... peace   is my gift to you ...

            Rom 5:1-11      The love of God has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit ...

            Rom 8:26-34    The Spirit helps us in our weakness ... God is for us

            Eph 3:14-21     May our God, both mother and father, strengthen you inwardly through the working

                                  of the Spirit ... God's power in us can do more than we can ask or imagine

            Heb 4:14-16     We have a compassionate high priest




Theme 2       God Creates us


      Grace     Deep wonder and awe before the mystery of our personal existence


      Ps 139:1-18          My God, you have probed me and you know me

      Ps 8                     Who are we that you should be mindful of us, that you should care for us?

      Is 45:9-12              Dare the clay say to its potter, "What are you doing?"

      Ex 3:1-14              Moses bows down before the burning bush


      Supplementary Readings


            Ps 104            Praise God the creator

            Job 38 & 39     Where were you when I made the universe?

            Wis 11:21-26   Before you the whole universe is a grain

            Wis 13:1-9       From the beauty of created things, by analogy, their original author is seen

            Jer 18:1-10      Potter's vessel .rise up be off to the potter's house, there I will give you my message

            Dan 3:51-90     Canticle of praise

            Gen 1:24-2:3   We were created in God's image

            Rom 9:19-21    Does not the potter have the right to make plain vessels and fancy ones

            Job 1:21          Naked I came from my mother's womb, naked I shall return




Theme 3       God gives God's very self to us in a relationship of love


      Grace     Amazement that God relates to us personally


         Is 4:1-4              You are precious in my eyes

         Hos 11:1-9         When Israel was a child

         Lk 22:14-20        Jesus gives the eucharist

         Rom 8:26-39      Spirit helps us in our weakness


      Supplementary Readings


            Deut 1:29-33   The Lord goes before you and will fight for you ... God carries you as a parent does one's own child

            Deut 7:7-9       Not because you are the largest of nations does God love you

            Is 49:13-16      Can a mother forget her infant ... your name is written on my palms

            Is 54:5-10        For the one who has become your spouse is your maker

            Jn 3:16-17       For God so loved the world

            Jn 14:16-28      I will not leave you orphans; the spirit will instruct you in all things ... peace is my gift

            Eph 1:3-14      God's plan of salvation ... in Christ Jesus we were chosen

            Deut 8:1-5       God's care as manifested in the exodus ... God disciplines you as a parent does one's own child



Theme 4       All I have comes from God


      Grace     Deep-felt knowledge that all is gift


         Jm 1:16-19       Every worthwhile gift comes from above

         Job 1:21           Naked I came forth from my mother's womb

         1Cor 4:7           Name something you have not received

         Eph 1:3-14       God's plan of salvation ... in Christ Jesus we were chosen


      Supplementary Readings


            Deut 8:6-20     For the Holy One is bringing you into a land of wheat. Do not forget where your prosperity comes from

            Lk 12:22-31     Which of you by worrying can add a moment to your life-span

            Matt 10:29-33  As for you every hair on your head has been counted

            Jn 15:1-8         Apart from me you can do nothing

            Eph 2:1-10      It is owing to the Caring One alone that salvation is yours through faith ... it is God's gift

            Phil 2:13         God, our mother in labour brings to birth in you every measure of desire or achievement

            Rom 9:19-21   Does not the potter have the right to make plain vessels or fancy ones

            2Cor 4:5-18     The treasure we possess is in earthen vessels to make clear that power comes

                                  from God and not from us ... continually we carry within our bodies the dying of Jesus

            1 P 2:9-10       You are a chosen race ... a people Jesus the Lord claims for his own

            Job 38:1-40:5  Where were you when I made the universe

            Ti 3:3-8           We were once foolish but when the kindness of God appeared we were saved not

                                  because of any righteous deeds



Theme 5       God desires to forgive us


      Grace     Deep awareness of God's eagerness to forgive us 


         Ps 103               For as the heavens are high above the earth so surpassing is the Holy One's kindness

         Lk 15:11-32        Prodigal son and prodigal father

         Lk 5:12-14          Healing of the leper ... of course I want to

        1 Jn 1:5-2:2         If we acknowledge our sins, the Just One can be trusted to forgive us


      Supplementary readings


            Ps 130              Out of the depths I cry ... with God is plenteous redemption

            Ps 107              God, the saviour of all in distress

            Is 55:1-13          All you who are thirsty come ... my thoughts are not your thoughts ...

            Ez 16:1-22;59-63

                                    Allegory on the faithless spouse

            Lk 18:9-14         Parable of the pharisee and the publican

            Jn 10:7-18         I am the good shepherd; I lay down my life for my sheep

            Rom 5:12-21      Humanity's sin through Adam ... grace and life through Jesus

            Rom 8:28-39      If God is for us who can be against us ... is it possible that the one whose own son

                                     was not spared would not be on our side

            2Cor 5:17-21      Anyone in Christ is a new creation ... God in Christ was reconciling the world to

                                     God's self For our sakes God made Jesus to be sin

            Rev 7:9-17         Huge crowd before the lamb ... salvation is from our God ... God will lead them to

                                     springs of life-giving water ... and God will wipe every tear from their eyes




Theme 6       Jesus desires to save us personally


      Grace     To appreciate more deeply that only Jesus is my saviour


            Lk 19:1-10      Story of Zacchaeus

            Lk 7:36-50      Sinful woman washes the feet of Jesus

            Mk 5:21-43     Woman with a haemorrhage; daughter of Jairus

            Jn 13:1-9;12-17

                                 Jesus washes the feet of his disciples


            Supplementary readings


                 Lk 23:32-43     Three helpless people on the cross, one of whom is our saviour

                 Jn 8:3-11         Woman caught in adultery

                 Acts 3:1-16     Cure of the cripple -- neither silver nor gold ... it is Jesus' name that has

                                       strengthened the limbs of this man

                 Rom 5:6-11     While we were powerless Jesus died for us

                 Rom 7:14-25   What happens is that I do not do the good I will to do, but the evil I do not intend

                 Col 1:15-23     Jesus the Lord is the image of the invisible God ... you yourselves were once alienated

                 Eph 2:1-10      God rich in mercy ... we were brought to life in Christ ... this is not your own doing

                 Eph 2:12-22    You were without hope ... Christ broke down the barrier of hostility ... now you

                                       are strangers no longer

                 Gal 4:3-7         God sent forth a son born of a woman ... sent into our hearts the Spirit ...

                                       you are no longer slaves but God's own children

                 Ti 2:11-14        Grace of God has appeared in Christ Jesus who gathers a Abba's people




Theme 7       God calls us in freedom and radically


      Grace     To appreciate the freedom necessary to respond to God's call


            Gen 22:1-19    Abraham and Isaac

            Phil 3:7-16      I count everything as loss except knowing Christ Jesus

            Lk 9:59-62       But first let me bury my mother ... let the dead bury the dead

            Mk 10:17-27    Call of the rich person


            Supplementary readings


                 Ps 42                     As a hind longs for running waters, so my soul longs for you

                 Ps 63:1-8               Ardent longing for God

                 Wis 8:17-9:18         Solomon realizes wisdom is God's gift and prays for wisdom

                 Deut 6:4-9              You shall love your God will all your heart and with all your soul

                 Jer 17:5-11             Cursed is the one who seeks strength in the flesh ... blessed is the one who trusts

                                              in the Holy One

                 Matt 4:18-22           Call of the first disciples who left all things

                 Matt 9:9-13             Call of Matthew

                 Matt 13:44-46         Parable of the treasure and the pearl

                 Matt 25:14-29         Parable of the talents

                 Jn 15:1-8;16-17       Vine and the branches                

                 Eph 3:14-21            May Christ Jesus' love be the root and foundation of your life

                 Heb 11:8-19            Faith of Abraham




Theme 8       God calls us beyond everything


      Grace     To appreciate how Jesus' love sets us free to cooperate in nurturing the divine

                       human community of God's household



            Lk 1:26-38      Annunciation ... let it be done to me according to your will

            Lk 5:1-11        Call of Peter and the first disciples

            Jn 3:22-30      He must increase, I must decrease

            Lk 18:18-34    Call of the rich man and prediction of the passion



            Supplementary readings


                 Gen 12:1-9             Call of Abraham

                 Jer 1:1-10               Call of Jeremiah

                 Is 6:1-10                 Call of Isaiah

                 Jn 1:35-51              Call of the first disciples

                 Phil 1:18-26            Indifference of Paul ... I do not know which to prefer life or death ...

                 2Cor 12:1-10           Called in spite of weakness ... Christ Jesus is our strength

                 Eph 3:14-21            May Christ's charity be the root and foundation of your life ... to the one

                                               whose power now at work in us can do more ... .


Theme 9       Following of Jesus


      Grace    To ask for an intimate knowledge of Jesus, who has become human for me, that I may love him more and follow him more closely


            Matt 3:13-17    Jesus leaves home and is baptized in the river Jordan

            Matt 4:1-11      Temptations of Jesus in the desert

            Matt 14:22-33   Jesus walks on the water

            Lk 18:15-43      Jesus and the children; Jesus calls the rich man; prediction of the passion;

                                   misunderstanding of the disciples; healing of the blind man



            Supplementary readings


                 Matt 5:1-16             Beatitudes ... your light must shine before all

                 Matt 8:18-27            Jesus has nowhere to lay his head; Jesus calms the storm

                 Matt 15                   Jesus and the Pharisees; interior cleanliness; Canaanite woman; Jesus

                                               heals the suffering; Jesus feeds 4000

                 1Cor 1:17-31           Wisdom and folly of the cross ... let those who would boast in the Lord Jesus

                 Matt 20:20-28          Can you drink the cup I am to drink; James and John desire

                                               to sit at Jesus' right hand


Theme 10     I am called to cooperate with Jesus' Spirit in establishing a realm of justice


      Grace    To appreciate more deeply how I am being called today to be an instrument for justice in my environment


            Lk 4:16-22       Jesus preaches in Nazareth ... the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to proclaim liberty to captives

            Matt 25:31-46  Last judgment ... whatever you do to the smallest one you do to me

            Matt 23:1-12    Jesus confronts the unjust structures of his day ... They do not practice

                                  what they preach for they tie up heavy burdens and lay them on others' shoulders ...

                                  anyone who exalts oneself shall be humbled

            Lk 16:19-31     Parable of Lazarus and the rich person


            Supplementary readings


                 Lv 19:1-2;11-18       You must not exploit or rob ... you must love your neighbour as yourself

                 Is 1:10-26               What do I care about your sacrifices ... make justice your own ... redress the wronged

                 Is 58:1-12               The fast that pleases me is to break unjust fetters and undo the thongs of the yoke

                 Is 61                      Spirit of the Lord is upon me to proclaim justice ... they will be called oaks of justice

                 Is 65:17-25             A vision of a renewed world ... no longer shall there be an infant who lives

                                              but a few days ... wolf and lamb shall graze together

                 Ps 34                     When the afflicted called out the Holy One heard

                 Matt 14:13-21         Jesus feeds the five thousand

                 Acts 4:32-36           Life of the early community of christians with their goods held in common

                 Acts 6:1-6              Apostles appoint assistants to help in the service of the poor and distressed 




Theme 11     I am called to exercise responsibility as part of the paschal mystery


      Grace     A growing desire to discover my part in the paschal mystery


            Lk 22:14-20     Eucharist

            Lk 22:39-46     Agony in the Garden

            Lk 23:32-49     Jesus dies on the cross

            Lk 24:13-35     Jesus appears to the disciples on the way to Emmaus



            Supplementary readings


                 Lk 9:23-27;44-50;57-62

                                               Conditions of discipleship; prediction of the passion; apostolic requirements

                 Matt 10                   Jesus calls the twelve and he instructs them; ... vs 21 brother will hand over

                                               brother; ... vs 30 every hair of your head is counted

                 Jn 12:24-26             Unless a grain of wheat die

                 Acts 5:40-42           Apostles left full of joy that they had been worthy to suffer for the name of Jesus

                 1Cor 1:17-31           Wisdom and folly of the cross ... let those who boast, boast in the Lord

                 2Cor 4:5-18             Our treasure is in earthen vessels to show the power of God ... we are afflicted

                                               but not crushed ... in our bodies we carry the dying of Christ ...  

                 Phil 1:27-2:18          It is your privilege to suffer with Jesus ... your attitude must be that of Christ

                                               Jesus who humbled himself ... work with anxious care to achieve your salvation

                 1P 4:12-19              Happy are you when you are insulted for the sake of Jesus' name

                 Rom 6:3-11             Through baptism into his death we were buried with him ... death to sin, life in God

                 Phil 3:7-11              I wish to know Christ and the power flowing from his resurrection; likewise

                                               to know how to share in his sufferings by being formed into the pattern of his death.



Theme 12     The body of Christ


      Grace    A deep appreciation of how we are all integrated into the body of Christ Jesus and depend on each other; a growing desire to serve Jesus in his members by cooperating in the establishment of God's realm


            Rom 12:3-21    Many members one body ... do not think more highly of yourself than you ought

            Lk 22:24-32      Dispute among the apostles as to who is the greatest

            Jn 13:1-17        Jesus washes the feet of his disciples

            Jn 21:15-23      Feed my lambs, my sheep ... suppose I want John to stay until I come how does that concern you


            Supplementary readings


                 Mk 6:30-44             Return of the disciples ... feeding of five thousand

                 Lk 10                     Mission of seventy-two ... thank you Abba for revealing ... good Samaritan ... Martha and Mary

                 Jn 15:9-17              This is my commandment, love one another

                 1Cor 12 & 13          Variety and unity of gifts; analogy of the body; love is patient, is kind ... .

                 2Cor 1:3-7               If we are afflicted it is for your consolation

                 Col 1:24-29             In my own flesh I fill up what is lacking in the suffering of Christ

                 Eph 4:1-16              There is one body, one spirit, one God and Parent over all ... diversity of functions

                 Phil 2:1-11              Look to others' interests rather than to your own ... your attitude must be that of Jesus the Lord

                 Acts 9:1-9               Vocation of Paul ... Saul, Saul why do you persecute me


Theme 13     The Spirit works continually in us and through the events of our life experiences


      Grace     Deeper awareness of the presence and power of the Spirit of Jesus in all the aspects of my life



            Jn 14:15-20;25-28         I shall ask my Abba who will give you another advocate ... the Spirit will teach you everything

            Matt 28:16-20               Ascension ... I am with you all days till the end of time

            Acts 2:1-13                  Pentecost ... .

            Acts 4:5-22                  Peter and John speak in name of Jesus and with the power of the Spirit before the Sanhedrin                          

            Supplementary readings


                 Jn 7:37-39              From within will flow rivers of living water

                 Matt 5:13-16           You are the salt of the earth

                 Jn 15:1-8                Vine and the branches

                 Rom 8:1-27             Living according to the Spirit ... you received a Spirit not of fear but of adoption ...

                                               Abba ... we hope with all groaning creation ... Spirit prays in our weakness

                 2Cor 5:13-20           Love of Christ impels us ... we no longer look on others with merely human

                                               judgment ... anyone in Christ Jesus is a new creation ... ministers of reconciliation

                                                ... we are ambassadors for Christ Jesus

                 2Cor 12:1-10           My power is at work in weakness

                 Eph 3:14-21            May Christ Jesus strengthen you inwardly through the power of the Spirit

                 Eph 4:17-32            You must no longer live as pagans do ... you must acquire a fresh spiritual

                                               way of thinking ... do nothing to sadden the Holy Spirit with which you were sealed

                 Phil 3:7-21               I count all things as rubbish except knowing Jesus ... power flowing from his

                                               resurrection ... I push on to what lies ahead ... our citizenship is in heaven ...

                                               we eagerly await the coming of our saviour

                 Phil 4:4-13              Rejoice in the Lord Jesus always ... in the one who is the source of strength,

                                               I have strength for everything

                 Gal 5:13-25             Proper use of freedom ... fruit of the spirit is joy, unity ...



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