Some Questions for Step 3
To Help Me Be Attentive To What Is Happening to Me and in Me
 That I May Find God in All Things

1.    Did I feel drawn by the Lord any time today?
- a companion  - in class  - a good book
- an event   - nature

2.    What have I learned about the Lord and his ways today?

- in ordinary circumstances - in stray moments

3.    How do I meet the Lord today? 

- fears  - joys
- work  - misunderstanding  - suffering

4.    Where have I found it difficult to find the Lord today?

5.    How did the Lordís word come alive to me today in

 - my prayer time    - scripture    - other readings   - liturgy

6.    In what ways have I encountered Christ through members of the community?

7.   In what ways have I been a sign of Godís presence and love?

8.    How have I felt moved to go out of myself in concern for the

- lonely - discouraged   - sad - needy

9.   How am I becoming more alert to God at work in the world?

- in signs of the times

10.  Have I experienced a growing awareness of

- my being loved
-  my sinfulness

11.  What area of my life do I feel most called to conversion?