Prayer Units
For The
Spiritual Exercises Journey



   The Prayer Units propose material for prayer exercises each day except the day of the interview.

    If you desire that a prayer exercise be made on the day of the interview, you could suggest a Repetition or a special reflection period in preparation for the interview session or another prayer exercise using a scripture text from one of the Additional Readings. 

    All the Prayer Units have been set up as if you were meeting with your directee on the day after the f) prayer period in each Unit. However, as the Exercises journey progresses, it may be more helpful to organize the interviews in such a way that you meet with your directee on the day after the two new prayer exercises -- usually the a) and b) segments on each Prayer Unit -- and before the Repetitions. The reason for this is that Repetition is intended to foster spiritual movements taking place. When you encourage your directee to recognize and follow the forward movement already taking place in her/his prayer periods, important discernment occurs. When prayer guides help their directees to notice what was significant in the initial prayer exercises in preparation for the following Repetitions, their directees learn how to discern for themselves. 

    Supplementary Prayer Units after Prayer Unit 30 give some alternate approaches.


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Units (15-22) Second Week (Jesus' Public Life & Ministry) click here.
Units (23-30) Third and Fourth Weeks (Death & Resurrection) click here.
Supplementary Prayer Units click here.

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